Your Google AdWords Approval Status

Well, it’s not entirely surprising after the similar “Mac” debacle, but I just got an email from Google AdWords saying that my PCalc advert has been suspended because it uses the trademarked term “iPhone” in the text. This isn’t about keywords it seems, it’s just the body text of the advert they complained about.

Here’s the ad:

PCalc for iPhone
Full-feature calculator with RPN.
Unit conversions, tape, hex/binary.

How exactly I’m supposed to advertise software for the iPhone without actually using the word “iPhone”, I’m not quite sure yet. When “Mac OS X” was banned, I switched to plain “OS X” and everybody seemed to be happy. Suggestions? “PCalc for that phone from that company named after a fruit”?

Yes, I know it’s probably something to do with protecting trademarks and having many many lawyers, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. 

I mean, if my advert said “Don’t buy an iPhone, buy an HTC G1 instead!”, I could understand the concern from Apple’s perspective. But you’d think that since they get 30% of everything I sell, they would be quite happy I’m paying for the advertising myself.

Interesting that the email came today as the new versions came out – could be coincidence, but I’m guessing the increased traffic caught somebody’s attention.