Well, Everybody’s Doing It

Yes, I realise a developer blog by some starving indie Mac / iPhone programmer isn’t exactly original, but instead of ranting at my friends and loved ones, I thought I would pontificate at you instead gentle reader.

Not decided what form this will take, but I’m sure by the time you actually come across this blog, there will be a lot more insightful posts above this one.

Today marks the release of both PCalc 1.1 for the iPhone and PCalc 3.3.1 for Mac OS X, so please check them out.

Ok, so if we’re being honest, PCalc 1.1 actually appeared on the App Store yesterday, but the chances of cutting through the MacBook press coverage were rapidly approaching nil (NULL?) so I decided to pretend it came out today, simultaneously with the Mac one.

It should have been up there on Monday, but apparently “Ready For Sale” doesn’t mean what I think it does.