Twitkitteh, the safe Twitter client

We at TLA Systems are pleased to announce that with Apple’s new App Store policy changes now in effect, Twitkitteh will very soon be the only iPhone Twitter client available to the under-17 market.

Originally aimed at the the mainly feline demographic, our patent-pending “write-only” approach to Twitter – combined with a limited set of fixed tweets – is now well positioned to take advantage of these new rules and expand out into the wider marketplace of puppies and teenagers.

By protecting our users from the horrors of the frequent and intense sexual content and drug use found in those depraved applications like Twitterific and Tweetie (it says so in iTunes, so it must be true), this means we are really now the only family-friendly choice left in the whole store.†

Admittedly, Apple’s own iPhone applications like Safari don’t currently come with any similarly-worded warning notices, but we can only assume that it’s just a matter of time before this insignificant oversight is rectified.

Be assured, we take this new-found responsibility very seriously. And so do all our cats.

† We are also considering expanding Twitkitteh to function as a password management application for cats, because of the disgusting content we heard is present in every copy of Selznick Scientific Software’s PasswordWallet.

How To Make Your iPhone App Launch Faster

So, one of the most common complaints about PCalc before 1.7 is that it took too long to launch – around four seconds on an iPhone 1st Generation. I actually got emails accusing me of having a massive ego because I was making the splash screen stay up for so long. Now, I may have a massive ego anyway, but that’s not why it was happening.

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New iTunes Connect bug?

Update, 01:36am – this bug was just fixed in iTunes Connect, and PCalc has been submitted correctly. Thanks Apple!

Original post:

I’m currently trying to submit an update to PCalc for iPhone, built with the GM iPhone 3.0 SDK, and it’s failing. The “Contact Us” section of iTunes Connect doesn’t actually let you contact anybody, except for very specific problems, so I’m at a loss at how to proceed. I throw myself on the mercy of the crowd.

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Divisive Devices Part 2

How very interesting! As a follow up to the last post on device IDs.

I just renewed my iPhone developer program membership, so that I don’t forget over the summer, and in the email I just got from Apple it says under “Benefits”:

Devices: device list can be reset beginning 12 Jul 2009″

The 12th is my renewal date.

So, it’s not that deleting devices frees up a slot a year later, it’s that you have 100 devices IDs you can play with for the whole length of your year’s membership in the developer program. The next year, you get to delete them and start again.

So I’m basically stuck with what I have until July 12th. I do hope Apple doesn’t do anything like, say, release new hardware over summer…

Supply and Demand

Sorry to have been so quiet, gentle reader. I have been away on a little vacation for the last month in an attempt to recharge my creative batteries – three weeks in Japan, and another week at home to recover from the horrible jet lag that ensued. I will not bore you with my many photos of wild Totoros, but suffice to say a good time was had by all. This was our first trip abroad for many years that didn’t involve visiting Moscone West…

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