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Trying a slightly different self-deprecating approach to the press release today. We’ll see if it works. New PCalc updates for the iPhone and Mac OS X, all out today. The App Store is doing its usual trick of not listing new things on time, so at this point I’m relying strictly on press coverage to get some sales. Fingers crossed, please.

Here’s the release:

Well, you can’t say we didn’t try. We built something that the world was clearly not ready for, at least not yet. Yes, Twitkitteh – the premier iPhone Twitter client for cats – was, shall we say, sadly misunderstood at best.
But following the disappointing response to our feline foray – some would say folly – TLA Systems has decided to go back to basics, back to what we do best. Calculators!
Today, we are proud to present not one, not two, but three PCalc releases all on the same day. The scientific calculator trifecta, if you will. Surely, such an unquestionable return to form would be worth a little bit of coverage?
Out today, we have PCalc 1.5 and PCalc Lite 1.5 on the iPhone, and PCalc 3.4.1 on Mac OS X. All good releases, with no obvious signs of catlike behaviour to be found anywhere.
Review copies happily provided on request, although currently the promo codes for the iPhone only work with US store accounts.
PCalc for iPhone
PCalc gets a brand new engineering layout, with hyperbolic trig functions, hypotenuse, leg, gamma, delta percent and more. You also get a classic theme taken from PCalc on Mac OS X, and six new key click sounds you can choose from too.
PCalc Lite gets just two of the click sounds, and some other small improvements. PCalc Lite remains completely free however, and completely awesome. If you want to get a feel for how the full PCalc works on the iPhone, just try it out.
PCalc for Mac OS X
On the Mac side there are some familiar faces, as all the calculator themes from the iPhone version have made the long journey over.
Aside from the completely rewritten visuals, there’s an updated Dashboard widget – you can copy and paste again! – and a collection of additional unit conversions including a whole new cooking section.
More Information
PCalc Lite is available for free from the iTunes Application Store at the following link:


The full PCalc for iPhone is available to buy at $9.99 from the iTunes Application Store at the following link:


PCalc for Mac OS X costs $19.99 and can be downloaded here:
More information and screenshots are available at:
Of course, you might still be interested in teh kittehs:
Thank you for your interest, and for not making fun of us behind our backs about the whole cat thing. Or at least doing so quietly.
Yours hopefully,

What do you think? I’m open to any and all suggestions to get that elusive bit of press!

Author: James Thomson

Indie iOS / Mac developer, maker of PCalc and DragThing. Occasional writer, conference speaker, and podcast pundit.